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We perform diagnosis and treatment for pain management, migraine or migraines, headaches or headache, headaches from neck pain, cluster headaches. We are a pain management and treatment center in Albany, Clifton Park, Saratoga, Schenectady, Troy, Scotia and more with interventional pain management for headaches, lower back pain, pain management treatment, neck pain, joint pain, arm pain, pain with sciatica, back relief. We also are a pain treatment center for calf pain, pain relief. We are pain doctors and we do back pain treatment, pain treatment, pain treatment management. We know how to control pain and can help with sciatic nerve pain and severe pain. As well as painmanagement.
The Comprehensive Pain Management Center's goal is to use a multidisciplinary approach with patient-centered philosophy to help decrease the patient's suffering and discomfort due to acute and chronic pain and increase the quality of life. All of our clinicians earned Board Certifications in their respective fields of medicine: Primary Care, Neurology, Stroke, Headache Medicine and Pain Management.

We are constantly looking for different ways to improve diagnosis and management of different painful conditions. We are in a continuous search of that optimum which can allow you to enjoy every day of your life in spite of a chronic disease. We are doing so through learning new achievements in medicine and adapting new innovative technologies. We believe in the accountability of clinicians and patients working together for achieving these goals because accountability is the basis of trust.

The Comprehensive Pain Management Center has developed a robust technological basis in the testing of abnormal conditions using Nerve Conduction (NCV) and Muscle Electrical Activity (EMG) tests, Brain Electrical Activity testing, Neurovascular Ultrasound, Musculoskeletal Ultrasound and fluoroscopy. We decided to exclude all "blind" injections and use x-rays or practically harmless ultrasound to increase precision of procedures in pain treatment and improve results. Physical Therapy is also a part of our practice and is available to our patients at a convenient time.

Our office is located in Clifton Park with easy access from Albany, NY and Saratoga Springs, Troy, Latham and Amsterdam.

Pain Management is a medical discipline designed to address pain in a systematic way - starting with searching for the causes of pain from different points of view, gaining understanding of pain mechanisms in each particular patient and choosing the most appropriate treatment modalities. Many approaches to pain management can be used successfully to curb pain in a case by case...

Dr. Eugene D. Kaplan is a diplomat of the Board of American Academy of Psychiatry and Neurology, American Board of Interventional Pain Physicians, Board of Headache Medicine, Board of Vascular Neurology and a Fellow of Interventional Pain Physicians. As pain is a function of the Central Nervous System, dual expertise in Neurology and Pain Management creates a comprehensive approach...

Nerve conduction velocity study (NCV) measures basic parameters of the nerve function – strength and speed of how an electrical signal (action potential) spreads through the nerve. This data complements electromyography (EMG) in making the diagnosis.

Welcome to our practice! We are glad that you chose to visit us and will do our best to be of assistance. We try to be very flexible with accommodating requests regarding your appointment date and time. The majority of local and national medical insurances are accepted. There are several things that are helpful for you to know as a new patient.